Weather Policy

Tournament Cancelation - In the event of a cancelation of the Laxpalooza Lacrosse Tournament due to actual or threatening weather conditions, each team will receive a partial credit towards a future Laxpalooza tournament towards registration fees.

  • The tournament has fixed expenses relating to field rental & facilities, staging and set-up costs, insurance, personnel and other matters regardless of cancelation due to weather. Accordingly, teams will not receive a full refund of the entry fee if the tournament is canceled.
  • Park advisors, not tournament organizers, have final say on whether the tournament will take place due to weather conditions.
  • Every attempt will be made to update cancelations on the website
  • Please be advised that there are no rain dates.

Weather-Related Adjustments During the Tournament - In the event of adverse or threatening weather or un-playable field conditions, Tournament organizers reserve the right to:

  • Cancel further play.
  • Reduce game times in order to allow catch-up with the schedule of play.
  • Interrupt and suspend games as necessary; games may be continued from the point of interruption at the earliest opportunity, but may become final scores based on time constraints.
  • Finish game before inclement weather arrives or to preserve field conditions; games will be deemed official at the point of termination. All future games canceled due to weather will be considered 4-2 WINS for both teams.
  • Officials are expected to follow established safety rules and suspend play/games for the appropriate interval(s) of time if there are lightning strikes in the vicinity of the event (play will typically be allowed to resume no sooner than 20-30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed, in the discretion of officials and the Tournament Director).
  • No refunds will be issued due to any weather related adjustments during the Tournament.
  • CAUTION: It is not advisable to seek shelter under tents on an otherwise open field during adverse weather conditions, including lightning storms. All participants are expected (as asked) to use common sense and reasonably prudent judgment when dealing with adverse or threatening weather conditions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with circumstances beyond our control!