Tournament Expectations & COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

SUMMER OF 2021 – COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

Unless prohibited by Federal, State and Local authorities, Laxpalooza Lacrosse Tournaments is committed to safely running lacrosse events in 2021. We are aware that guidelines and recommendations change rapidly and will update and communicate changes to all as they occur. Below are the measures that will be implemented for events being held in 2021:

Attendance at the Tournament

Through research and understanding, there are clearly defined segments of the population who are considered vulnerable and are at an increased risk for COVID-19. Individuals who have not received any of the COVID vaccines are at greatest risk.

Screening Athletes

  • Coaches must screen and monitor athletes for symptoms before and during games throughout the event.
  • Athletes should be screened first thing in the morning prior to participating in games. If a player is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, they should be sent home and instructed to contact their primary care provider immediately.

Cloth & Facial Coverings

  • Please consider wearing a face mask if you are not vaccinated.
  • All attendees will be responsible for bringing their own face coverings and sharing of any kind is prohibited.
  • Players and officials are not required to wear cloth face coverings when actively participating in a game.

Preventative Measures & Actions

  • Laxpalooza staff will have hand sanitizer available at the tournament headquarters location and will attempt to have hand sanitizer available at each field.
  • It is highly recommended that each individual in attendance should bring their own hand sanitizer for individual use.
  • Laxpalooza will work with the host venues to provide a hand washing and/or hand sanitizing station at each event along with disinfectant material on all common areas, door handles, tables and restrooms, etc. on a regular basis.

Tournament Competition Play

  • Each team will play a minimum of 4 scheduled games (weather permitting).
  • Each team can roster a maximum of 22 players and not have more than (3 coaches per team) during the event.
  • Players cannot be on more than one roster and are not permitted to play on multiple teams throughout the event.
  • All non-active athletes, coaches and spectators must maintain a distance of 4 feet from the sideline at all times.
  • Only head coaches are permitted to address the officials and must do so in a kind and respectful manner.
  • Respect your opponents and other players, parents and teams and ‘Honor the Game” on all levels.
  • Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting, or other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated by coaches, players, parents and/or fans of any organization.
  • Permitting, encouraging, or condoning performance that is dangerous or demeaning to a player, coach, referee, fan or anyone connected with the function of the game is unacceptable.
  • Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • Alcohol, smoking and use of portable or charcoal grills is not permitted during the tournament.
  • Dogs are not permitted during Laxpalooza events, even in situations where the facility allows pets, unless they are "assistance dogs for medical purposes".