Laxpalooza Tournament Rules


  • All Players and Parents/Guardians must sign the player waiver form prior to participation.
  • Coaches must check-in at the Coach's table under the Pavilion, prior to their first game.
  • No Player may compete or be rostered on more than one team during the tournament. Any team with a player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games which the player has participated in and will not be permitted to play in future rounds.
  • Teams should refer to the Player Eligibility details when registering a team


Each team will be allowed to have no more than three (3) coaches on the field for each game. Additional spectators shall be in the spectator areas opposite the players and coaches sidelines. All head coaches should check in at the appointed check-in time. Coaches must remain on the sideline of the team benches and coaches are not permitted to be coaching from the parents/spectators sideline. Laxpalooza Lacrosse Tournaments, LLC has a “zero tolerance policy” for this behavior and teams will be penalized and games forfeited if officials and tournament staff identify sideline coaching from the parent/spectator sidelines.

All substitution is handled on the fly and there are no timeouts during play.


All fields will be regulation size whenever possible. If the field is not regulation size, both teams will be notified by officials prior to the start of play.


  • All games will start promptly at the assigned times.
  • Games will consist of two (20-minute) running halves; directions changes at halftime
  • No timeouts permitted at all during tournament. 
  • Halftime will consist of one (5-minute) break.
  • Continuous clocks will be kept by Tournament Representatives and officials in a Central Tent.
  • Even though there is a central horn, officials can stop the clock for any reason that he/she feels fit. Examples include serious injury, game equipment issues, etc.
  • Time Serving Penalties are kept by the on-field officials.
  • The official score will be kept by one of the officials on the field and Tournament Staff if needed. The staff and referee will confer throughout the game and stoppages to ensure the correct score.
  • All Substitutions are on the fly.
  • MERCY RULE applies when there is a six (6) goal lead deficit in pool play only, not in playoffs. Teams down by six (6) or more goals will get a free clear after each goal (but not in playoff play).
  • A forfeit will be posted as 4-1 victory for the non-forfeiting team
  • All appropriate equipment and mouth guards must be worn at all times.
  • Officials and the Tournament Director have final say on all interpretations and rulings.


  • Tie games in pool play will be decided by a two (2) minute sudden victory overtime period in a "brave heart" format. Brave heart competition will consist of 3 v 3 plus a goalie format and will begin with a face off.
  • Goalie or one person has to stay back behind midfield line or team is offside.
  • Substitutions are permitted.
  • No timeouts are permitted in overtime.
  • In playoff play, there will be a four (4) minute overtime period followed then by a "brave heart" competition until a goal is scored


  1. Overall Record
  2. Head-to-Head Results (only if there is a 2 way tie).
  3. Lowest number of goals allowed.
  4. Goal differential


  • Only head coaches are permitted to address the officials and must do so in a find and respectful manner.
  • Respect your opponents and "Honor the Game" on all levels.
  • Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting, or other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated by coaches, players, parents and/or fans of any organization.
  • Rule Modification for this Tournament: Any coach, player, parent or fan receiving an ejection penalty will be removed (from the team / field / immediate playing area) for the remainder of the tournament. (Note this does not include fouling out under rule 5-11). If it is found that the coach, player, parent or fan did not comply with the requirement to leave the team / field / immediate playing area that team will forfeit the game/games in which the noncompliance occurred.
  • Enjoy Laxpalooza and have a fun filled day!


  • Any player that has played for a High School Program (Freshman, JV or Varsity) Team is ineligible to play 15U youth play.


For 10U Play:

  • 10U teams will play 10v10 on a modified field (75 x 45 yards in length) with no body checking of any kind permitted.
  • Since we use 10v10 play, substitutions can be made on the fly or on a dead ball situation.
  • 10U PA & MD Tournaments - Teams are not permitted to use sticks longer than 54 inches in length and no more than 2 long poles are permitted on the field of play.
  • At 10U, The level of play is HOT at all times, which means there is no minimum pass rule is in effect.
  • 10U player must come off the field if penalty is committed (substitution permitted) and FAST BREAK rule is applied. This allows for a 4-3 fast break to occur for penalties in the offensive zone.
  • Coaches are not permitted on the field for instructional purposes during the tournament.

For All Other Play:

  • 12U, 14U and above, teams will play 10v10, full field US Lacrosse Rules apply.
  • One handed stick checks are not permitted at youth levels.
  • Advancement Rule is in effect for 12U and above.
  • Laxpalooza adheres to the youth lacrosse rules of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of Lacrosse and can rules can be found at: US Lacrosse including the 2018 STICK, HELMET, BALL CLARIFCATIONS.

The Boys High School Divisions

  • Boys will use the Modified Sports Standards of the National Federation of High School (NFHS) Associations Rules (PA, MD,).
  • In TX boys will follow NCAA rules.
  • All penalty time is running time. All penalty time is per rule.
  • Game time length is modified to (2) 20 minute running halves and a 5 minute half time with a central horn for all tournaments, No time outs permitted during the event.
  • Team uniform requirements will not be strictly enforced.


Any player who accumulates 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game. A substitute for that player may enter the game when the disqualified player would have been permitted to re-enter had he not fouled out.